Colbors is an antivirus software that has been operating since 2020, Completely Native, Completely Written and Developed with National Facilities, and serves without using any external source or support.

The Download Software Required For Installation Is Only 2 Mb In Length, It Makes All The Required Preparations And Processes For You And It Performs An Automatic Installation.

You can use the following buttons to download.

Google Chrome Makes Completely Incorrect Marking, Although The Download Application Was Shared With Google Including The Source Codes, They Did Not Remove The Erroneous Risk Warning.

The Colbors Download Application was Scanned with Approximately 30 Different Antivirus Software and Was Clean.

Online Scan Results ..

Colbors Antivirus runs on computers with Windows Based Net Framework 4.5 installed (32 Bit - 64 Bit), Win 8 (32 Bit - 64 Bit), Win 10 (32 Bit - 64 Bit) Operating System.

Colbors Antivirus Standby Including All Services Average 8% Processor, 200 Mb. Uses Ram and 3 Mb / s Disk Resource.

In Active Scanning Status Including All Services Average 15% Processor, 250 Mb. Uses Ram and 4 Mb / s Disk Resource.

In addition, a limit can be given on the amount of resources that the Antivirus software can consume from the Ram on the Settings - Performance Screen, the software that comes with 500 Mb Data Usage Permission by default, allows to define between 200 Mb and 4 Gb.

Note: These Statistics Are Average Value and Their Hardware Features Have Been Measured On An Average Computer Working With 4 Gb Ram, Intel Core i5 Second Generation Processor, Ssd Disk.

Although Colbors Antivirus Software Is Paid, It Offers Approximately 60% Of Its Features, You Can Use The Colbors Antivirus Software With A Database That Can Be Updated For Free And Indefinitely.

You can buy Colbors Antivirus Software instantly online from our website with shopier assurance. The license key will be sent to you within the same working day.

Colbors is a pure Turkish word, Turkish people used to use the Turkish calendar with 12 animals in the Asian continent long ago. Colbors means cili, or panther year. The word Colbors here was inspired and chosen as the brand.

Colbors antivirus works to fully protect your computer from every angle, it constantly prevents attacks on your system against malicious software infiltrating, Colbors instantly prevents infiltrating or settled pests in the background in heuristic scanning and static scanning modes, all threats that may come from the network and external sources. .

Colbor Antivirus offers up-to-date virus inventory to its users every day, by examining both the Work in its own Virus Analysis Laboratory and the internationally announced virus identities, the database update right is active in the paid and free version.

Heuristic Protection Unlike detecting viruses according to their identity codes, which is an old virus detection technique, it examines the behavior of viruses and runs a decision mechanism on whether they are potential threats by looking at their reactions in your system, thus providing strong protection by making the necessary intervention even against very new viruses that are not in the virus inventory.

Static protection is the process of manually running a virus scan when the user is in doubt.

System Cleaning Tool frees up space on your disk by deleting unnecessary files on your disk such as installation residues, unnecessary software entries, Windows temporary waste files.

The drive disinfection process is the process of protecting your existing data without formatting your hard or removable drives, and making your files inaccessible and unrecoverable by deleting your previously deleted files from your drive, but in fact, with data recovery software, from your drive.

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