5.3 Million Virus Database


Colbors Antivirus Software makes your system secure thanks to its powerful virus inventory, speed in design and ease of use.

Colbors Antivirus works to prevent and neutralize malware at any time with its intuitive search algorithm.

In the free version, the security of your system is ensured with the static scanning feature available to you.

Colbors Antivirus has a user-friendly interface thanks to its low resource consumption and ease of design.

Colbors Antivirus is a licensed application, however Buy Now Dan can also use Colbors in static scan mode indefinitely.

Removable driver monitoring keeps all resources included in its system under control.

You will always have an up-to-date database, thanks to both our own laboratory and internationally announced virus inventories.

Colbors Antivirus easily scans critical directories with its customized scanning feature and performs the necessary actions.

Colbors Antivirus moves the malware it detects into quarantine, making them completely harmless and can optionally be recovered from quarantine.

Colbors Antivirus has potential risk "exe, bat, com, etc." extensions can be changed optionally from the settings screen and can be organized according to user request.

Colbors Antivirus can be read "vbs, bat, com, pptx. Ini, etc." extensions can be changed optionally from the settings screen and can be organized according to user request.

In addition, the keywords searched in applications with readable extensions can be optionally changed from the settings screen and organized according to the user's request.

Colbors Antivirus keeps application paths to be ignored throughout the system called exclusions for false detections in the unlikely event of a Colbors Antivirus.

    Free Version Full version
  All Static Scans Evet Evet
  Heuristic Scan Hayır Evet
  External Drive Response Scan Hayır Evet
  Background Response Scanning Hayır Evet
  Performance Startup Scan Hayır Evet
  System Cleaning Tool Evet Evet
  Sector Disinfection Evet Evet
  Quarantine Operations Evet Evet
  Database Update Evet Evet
  Application Update Evet Evet
  Risky Extension Configuration Hayır Evet
  External File Configuration Evet Evet
  Readable File Configuration Hayır Evet
  Readable Malicious Code Configuration Hayır Evet
  Blocked Software Configuration Evet Evet
  General Settings Evet Evet
  Ability to Use in 11 Languages Evet Evet
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    Free Download.
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